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  • Global Reach with a Personal Touch

    Global Reach with a Personal Touch
  • Global Reach with a Personal Touch

    Global Reach with a Personal Touch
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    Bring the World to your Doorstep
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    Start Saving Today!
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    A Local Brand, A Universal Idea. Contact Us Today

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Open a DHL Account

As one of DHL's largest shipping partners, InXpress provides heavily discounted shipping to our customers by utilizing large volume discounts.

Request your DHL account and receive a consolidated group discount.

You will also be assigned a Certified International Specialist for all your international shipping needs. DHL will pick up your packages and deliver them.

The DHL account belongs to you; you just pay much less by leveraging the shipping volume from thousands of small and mid-sized businesses.

Our Features Include:




We have a unique relationship with DHL that enables us to negotiate deep discounts for any shipping needs. These services and rates are available to any small to mid-sized business in the US no matter what volume of shipping you do.



We have partnered with some of the best e-commerce solution providers in Australia. We offer user friendly, scaleable web-based e-commerce software giving you live shipping quotes.




At InXpress we want to provide you with the best possible price, customer service and shipping solution available. InXpress provides shipping services worldwide. Most clients are small business owners who work with InXpress franchise owners to manage customized shipping solutions that save time and money. On average, InXpress clients save 10 percent over their previous shipping costs. An InXpress shipping consultant works with you to establish your shipping profile and provide you access to our WebShip online shipping portal. For your convenience, you can receive quotes, manage shipment tracking and payments online.

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If you are a small or mid-size company with "mission critical" or international shipping needs, partner with InXpress to take advantage of deeply-discounted shipping rates, get expert international shipping advice from expert shipping consultants and customer service representatives who know you and understand your business. We aim to virtually eliminate paperwork and customs headaches. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.


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